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Thinking about building a website? Looking to refresh your current one to keep up with your evolving brand? You need the right professional on your side if you want it to be powerful and effective. But how do you know who to choose? With so many choices of web designers and platforms available, it can be hard to figure out who or what is necessary. How do you separate gold from the fool’s gold so that you don’t end up looking like a fool?


When you are taking on this kind of project as an investment for your business, it is essential to choose wisely. Among your considerations should be price. In many cases, cheap prices correlate to quality. Click To Tweet It could just be an inexperienced or even fraudulent company trying to take your money without delivering a product worthy of your business.



It’s easy for digital agencies to talk the talk, especially in a world filled with computer jargon and buzzwords. When it comes to ensuring your website is fully optimized and beautifully executed, many companies fall short of their initial promises. When deciding on the perfect partner, it pays to remember a few key tips to score the perfect design partner. These tips are described below:


1. Choose a Digital Agency Who Understands Customers and Conversions

You’re a business owner, right? So, you want your website to function well for your business. While aesthetics are important, if your website does not allow you to sell your products or services, then it’s like a digital paperweight – beautiful but generally useless.

What you need is an agency that is proficient in eCommerce and that can fully optimize your website to turn visitors into repeat, paying customers. Your digital agency would need business experience to be able to convert your investment. Click To Tweet This is done with experience in retail, the proper ability to track relevant stats so that you know how effective your site is, and having a balance of design and utility.

Check out the examples of their work. Do their clients have an operating website that works seamlessly? If not, they may be selling you short and hindering your ability to generate revenue for your business.


2. Experience is Key

With the growing number of online businesses, companies have emerged that want to take advantage of those in need. With little training or experience, they create a website and advertise their services. Yet, they are unable to produce high-quality websites that function.

When handling a small project, a less-experienced company may be helpful for potentially saving money. However, if the project is your major source of revenue, you will need an agency that has years of time and experience. Your digital agency should know more than you.


3. Check Their Sources

A caveat to ensure a company has a good online reputation and clientele is being cautious of online reviews. Anyone can pay for online reviews and positive feedback. If a company has been in business for six months, it is unlikely that they have 3000 positive testimonials. Use common sense and do not be afraid to reach out to people or companies that have left reviews. Again, check out the websites that they have built – make sure that they actually created them and see how well they work. They should have working links to their work as proof of their capabilities. If they cannot do this for their own site then they probably cannot do that for yours.


4. Check Your Needs

Your business is unique and has unique needs, so you need to work with an agency that has diverse experience and competence. Before working with an agency, have a general idea of your desired outcome. This will allow the digital agency to know what you are talking about and even supplement your desires with the best features that go beyond your vision.


5. Coding Standards

Finally, W3C guidelines and other industry standards are important considerations that your agency should know, even if you do not. It is fine if you have never heard of these standards. However, if the so-called professional that you are entrusting your website to has not; then you are in trouble. A proficient digital agency will be up-to-date on the latest coding standards and capabilities. Your website should be compatible with multiple browsers, formats, and devices. You don’t want to miss potential customers because your digital agency cannot code sufficiently to reach them. Click To Tweet



The LEVEL8 Agency is a professional and experienced company with a worldwide clientele and proven track record to match. We have quickly emerged as a go-to for innovative digital strategies and dynamic website design. Let our powerful balance of design and strategy take your brand and business to the next level.


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