Top 7 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

It is difficult to design a website, but the greater challenge is to maintain a sound number of visitors. Many people are facing this problem, yet they cannot find a proper solution. They spend a hefty amount by hiring the best resources available to design and to provide content for their website but are unable to obtain the desired results.

You might be facing such a situation, and thus far, you are unable to find what the lacking element is. Do not panic. When your brain is continuously working on the same thing, it reaches a saturation point and becomes dysfunctional. It fails to recognize even the smallest mistakes. Here comes the time when you need external help (not necessarily professional) to find out what is wrong.


Read on to find a few points that will definitely help you with improving your website:

*Disclaimer: These listed reasons are catered to standard websites. This list can vary depending on the goals of the website. 

1.  A complex homepage:

If the homepage is cluttered with a variety of links, this will confuse the visitors. Make it as easy as possible for them. There is no need to show all your creativity on one page. Save more for the rest of the website. A simpler homepage makes a more effective impression.


2. Poor navigation:

Please don’t frustrate the user by having complicated navigation. Provide them with proper textual descriptions or easy to understand tools if you don’t want to aggravate them. Trust me, an angry or frustrated user stands no chance of coming back to your website.


3. Too many ads:

I know advertising is very important as most of your earnings depend on them. Try to be clever in this matter. Devise a way that the ad remains there but does not disrupt the user during their visit. Please say no to constant pop-ups, and dedicate a corner of your page to advertisements. Attract users by using catchy lines and interesting images.


4. Obtrusive use of audio and video:

Try your best to avoid automatic sound and audio. This is one thing that will irritate not only the user but also the people who are sitting with them. Save your visitor from an awkward situation.


5. Bad content:

Structure your content well and if necessary, make headings and subheadings. Be careful and concise with the titles. Make your content interesting as you don’t want to bore your audience. Unreadable fonts and bright colors may hinder readability for your user.


6. The registration requirement:

Certain websites force the visitor to register to view its content. This, in many cases, results in the user leaving the website. Don’t put barriers between you and your user; otherwise, there are many other options available for them.


7. Broken links:

Keep a regular check on your website. Any issue must be fixed as early as possible. An error on any page may halt the user’s desire to proceed and negate their purpose for visiting the website.


The above-mentioned tips will bring to light all the things that you had been doing wrong. Fix the problems, and give yourself another chance to succeed! Contact us for a free initial consultation.


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